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April 7, 2013

New Fashion, Glass Slipper for Women

In the fairy tale, the glass slipper changed the life of Cinderella, who marry to the Prince finally. It's a sign of fortune and luck. Nowadays, with glass slippers on, you are not Cinderella to expecting Prince. It shows the attitude.

On the show, different kinds of glass slipper, made with PVC, acrylic, organic glass, etc, break the rules. Attached with patent color, color block, metal details, womens will be more confident in this Spring and Summer.

Traditional Mary Jane, symbol of elegance. However, insert with transparent materials is more fashion, especially the ankle strap, which makes the leg seems longer.

Glass slipper could be perfect match with dresses in Spring and summer. also if you wear wedding gowns.

Buy these newest designer glass slipper on now.

I. Double ankle strap pumps in black, price $13. there are also yellow and rose color.

II. Mary Jane color block pumps, price $13.89

III. Classic pumps with bow and rivets, price $15.14

IV. Red sole pumps in solid color, price $16.57


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