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February 24, 2013

How to dress for some fatter people?

Spring is coming, the weather is warm, so we must be take off winter clothes and wear our spring clothes, it is excited that we do what we want and our emotion is fine.
However, many ladies not want to take off thick clothes, why? Our body is changed, we were getting fat, and so spring clothes cannot cover facts. Time is not waiting us. What can we do now? Quickly lose weight is cannot solve problems in time. Lose weight that is a big task and it need a lager of time.
Here, I will tell you how to cover your fat body temporally and own more time to lose weight. It is a little cold in spring, so we can choose not thick clothes, such as sweater, long sleeve T-shirt,hooded coats and so on.

For getting fat persons, you should choose those loose clothes, snow boots and then get an oversize handbag; you will be a vogue person. Here, I will give you some pictures for you.
Hooded coat is relaxed and loose; it is your first choice.

Of course, you can choose sweater, it is beautiful and vogue, the most important that is comfortable.

If you think above I advised clothes are thickening for you, I tell you a simplest way, you can wear maxi dress, and do you think so?

February 17, 2013

Charming Maxi Dress for coming season

as winter ends, girls will get rid of the dull color and monotonous down coat, so are you looking forward to make yourself more charming and slim? Girls should, come on, join us!
Nowadays Chiffon enjoys great popularity in the main clothing material. in fact, this kind of material feels so soft and cool especially in hot summer, what's more, silk is also a good choice.
As to most people, clothes style and collection is indispensable when shopping, which can be considered as a focus. we buy it because it is in good design, so i want to share some amazing maxi dress for you.

 this floral chiffon dress is more eye-catching in the street and looks so sweet...
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 Oblique style is special for certain situation.

this kind of Totem print dress is the same as the Bohemia style

 party maxi elegant dress makes you fantastic
Halter chiffon dress with irregular hem is also full of exotic feeling

hey, guys, come to to select the most suitable style yourself. it would be a wonderful  shopping experience!!