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December 27, 2012


Everyone has his own attitude towards life. It therefore different people have different taste on dress. Dressing in an elegant style not only can express your unique personality, but also show out your confidence. Chic is a kind of elegance. Elegance is an attitude. And attitude is life.

Pastoral style dress makes you feel close to the nature. It’s the modern style of fashion. Putting on pastoral style dress, surrounded by the sweet warm smell of flowers and fresh air, you can dance with the nature.

The princess style elegance shows a picture of a pretty girl who lives in castle. It’s the original elegance from the palace. And it will help you to come across more legends and romances in future.

Evening Dress is a best way to explain elegance because it reminds you with cocktails, parties, flowers and successes. Elegant is a charming personality makes you success.

Dress in elegant items, earns a bright future in


          Elegant Slim Ruched Mockneck Hollow Out Back Cotton Maxi Dress

Elegant Diamond Decorative Oblique Sleeve Strapless Dress For Lady

Classic Asymmetrical Hem Empire-Waist Halter Plunging V-Neck Solid Color Dress

Princess Style Rose Decorative Mock Neck Back-Cutout Solid Color Dress

New Arrival Elegant Red Solid Color Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

December 20, 2012

Vougue Double-Breasted Coat

     Double-breasted coat was popular from the mid-1930s until the late 1950s, and again from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. The original double-breasted coat has six buttons with three to close. This originated from the naval reefer jacket.

    Today, double-breasted coat is still produced  and advocated by fashion designers.Besides, it  becomes more and more Popular. You can find it at many retail clothing stores You can also see a small comeback in European and American youth fashion, albeit in a slimmer, more modern cut. 

    Next, Our Cite will recommend you the top five most adorable double-breasted coats for this winter . 
    Lovely green double-breasted coat makes you closer to the nature and refreshes you in the bustle.


            Glamorous Contrast Color Coat for Lady, fashionable and elegant

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                       Exclusive Long Sleeve Women's Double-faced Woolen Brown Short Coat

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Hot Sale Scoop Neck Coat with Pockets for Lady

New Arrival Leisure Style Double Breasted Design Solid Color Coat 

December 12, 2012

Cute Elements of Casual Tee

Hey, i guess everyone has Tee, right? especially in hot summer, we feel so comfortable and cool wearing this kind of clothes. people like them because of its simple design and comfort?
here, i want to share some cute elements of them.
Stripes, Polka Dot, leopard print, bat sleeve are favorable by designers, so hope you can find the most suitable one.

long sleeve cotton stripes tee is a must for people who are fond of casual style, this clothes can be matched for a vest, down cotton coat. So it is suitable for autumn and winter.
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Then, how about this polka dots loose tee with bat sleeve, sweet Korean style clothes. it is indeed a good choice for summer, casual and loose design makes you cool off. anyway, you can choose a light color if you like^.^

Adorable and sexy leopard 2 pieces Tees, will you like?

These 2 items are the same style but with different elements, so which will be your taste?
recently, this style is becoming more and more popular...
 Leopard bat sleeve color block Tee
item link:

However, this t-shirt is really normal in the daily life but lotus sleeve brings sense of cuteness.

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if you like them or have new ideas, please leave comments ❤

December 7, 2012

Must have Red Outfit for Coming Xmas

Red, what does it reminds you? Fire, elegant, allure? At this special time, I only think of Christmas. correct?

Pure and strong Red, it can be firm and persistent in wind coat, can be polish in slim coat, with soft sweater, it is charming and grace.

In cold winter, wherever it is, it is the passion, the power to warm. Put on your red outfit, to resist this coldness.

Of course, it's also the most popular color for the coming Christmas. so learn from the street snap, and find the perfect red for you from our online shop.

here I also listed some recommendations, suppose you will love it
1) Knitted Open Cardigan, more colors to choose. click the link for more information,
2) Women's Woolen coat with Belt, plus size available. click link,
Except coat, sweater is must have item in winter.
3) V Neck Casual Sweater, price $12.66 USD.
4) Chic Two Way Red Sweater, price $13.22 USD
Last, but not the least, red shoes can also high light.
5) Embroidery High Pumps in Red, price $16.05 USD
6) Sparkle Red Pumps, price $14.21 USD
Want to shop now? put on your red outfit and be shining in this winter.