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January 31, 2013

How to wear for coming Valentine's Day

As Chinese traditional Spring Festival Holiday is coming, firstly, Happy New Year! ♥ May every one of you have an amazing 2013 full of blessings, love, hope and victories. Press into the new year with a fresh faith. 
then how about the Feb.14, as for those couples, how will you spend your romantic holidays?
i guess you may need some beauties and decoration to make you looks even more charming and sexy.
then some popular items you may need:

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 this bowknot shoes are really hotsale and in vogue. you or your girl friend deserves them. 

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Last but not least, fashion is filled with society, so keep trace of our site and get whatever you like. Be a graceful and economical woman for your beloved one.

January 27, 2013

Get the Party Started

There is so many parties and special occasions at the start of New Year. Are you crazy about that? Or do you have any concerns about outfit on party?

At this joyful time, no worry at all. Party look, in general, retro lace, Bling bling and bright color are still the trend. 

Have a look at how hollywood stars wear on red carpet. You can be elegant, like nude color, or ice cream color. Then you will be the princess on the party.

Or you could choose bling bling style, then you could be the most sparkle star on the party. The sequin on clothes or shoes will draw everyone’s attention.  

With your best friends, you will be the star on the party.

Don’t forget to make up a party look, you have many choices. 

Have a look at my recommendations, and get the party started now.

1) Korean Designer Sexy Back Club Dress with Pearls
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2) Off Shoulder Elegant OP Dress in Rose

and the most important, put your suitable underwear, then you could be in good figure.
3) Padded Seamless Butt Booster Hip Up Pants

At last, put on your high heels, you will be the star.

4) Wholesale T Stage Sequin Pumps.

5) Kvoll Wholesale Elegant Pumps with Flower

January 10, 2013

Review to Vintage Style Accessories

    Accessories are items of equipment that are not usually essential, but which can be used with or added to something else in order to make it more efficient, useful, or decorative. so this time, we will have a short review to the Retro Style accessories, which makes great difference to your daily wearing.

   As we all know, there are many kinds when it comes to accessories, for example, belt, necklace, earrings, bracelet, rings and so on...
   So have you ever concentrated on them? in particularly for girls, there is a potential market for the designers to explore, right? but in this modern society, they not only pay attention to the fashionable items but also the vintage accessories, which combine the two elements to show its uniqueness.

   There are so many ubiquitous accessories from all over the world, then  we may show you some examples to have a quick look...

Mix-Matched Cute Wholesale Laconic Style Black Rhinestone Bracelet for Lady

Exquisite Lovey Pearl Ring in Heart Shape Vintage style

Exclusive Pearl and Alloy Levels with Carved Heart-shaped Bracelet

European Style Retro Pendant Earrings

Korean Style Exclusive Geometric Print Black Necklace for Lady

January 5, 2013



Nude color is one of hottest colors in these seasons. It is the must have item in chic people. Nude dress or shoes could weaken the figure of women. Matching with black pencil dress, nude high heels could make ladies look taller. Nude bags are absolutely easy matching. Except this, nude lips make you younger and more elegant.

So lets have a look nude fashion in luxury brands. Of course, we cant afford them in our daily life. But we could copy them and buy nude fashion items now from Martofchina.

Calvin Klein SS2012 

With soft and light fabrics, ladies are more elegant and feminine.

Of course, accessories are also crucial.

After having a feast of nude fashion trend, let's have a look at nude items in

1) V Neck Summer Short Dress. price: $12.94 USD. click the link and see,

2) Shirt Maxi dress, price $11.53 USD. click the link and get more info,

3) Maxi dress with frills, price $12.38 USD

Next, I would like to recommend our hot sale nude color shoes. 

1) Office lady sandals, price $11.05 USD.