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March 26, 2013

Dress up yourself


Not all women are tall and slim and perfectly proportioned. But all brides are beautiful, we must admit it! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an hourglass bride or a more corpulent one. The important is to find a dress that flatters your figure and enhances your natural beauty. 

Each person has her own unique charm that must be emphasized with the right dress design. This article is dedicated to find something unique and chic for their daily life.

The style we chose to focus on is the informal style. I think lace is a good decoration, which makes women more sexy and gorgeous. The majority of us today decide to go casual and prefer the simple natural look. The second advantage is the comfort factor. Choose a fine fabric and a delicate embroidery work, perhaps accented with metallic or other sparkling patterns.

next, i will introduce some dressed with different design on neck.

you can refer to our pictures on the page

several examples for you guys to enjoy, keep watching below:
Sweet Boat Neck Off The Shoulder Patchwork Pleated Chiffon Dress

Chic V Neck Sleeveless Ruffles Pattern Patchwork Evening Dresses

Sexy One Shoulder Sleeveless Ruffles Pattern Black Evening Dresses

Comfortable Open Back Diamond Decoration Yellow Polyester Mini Dress

March 22, 2013

Get Print On in Spring

Spring is a big season for blossom and flourishing. Do you want to go outside and have a walk? Put on your colorful outfit and fly in this spring.

There are kinds of print, like stripe, floral print, animal print, dot print, etc. Different king of print shows different style and fashion.

Learn from the street snap, maybe we will know what kind of print we shall buy, and how to dress up.

Print pants, beautiful, right? but only for skinny people. so maybe I shall consider losing weight now?

Black is perfect match for red, skirt is also a must have in spring. Ethnic print top also shows a unique personality.

Cute kitten print top, I love it.

Blue matches yellow, is also beautiful. But they shall not be bright color. Is this kind of stripe print?

Dot print, I previously thought it's for young girls. Below picture, different kinds of print and color are mixed, still looks chic.

So ready to purchase print outfit? come with me and buy from

I. Print skinny leggings. price $5.47. click the link and see

II. Dot print halter neck dress, price $13.44

III. Don't forget your shoes. Flag print on pumps, price $16.29.

IV. Floral print dress for your vacation. price $11.16

March 12, 2013

Passion for Fashionable Bags

Let's have a quicker glance at 2013 autumn and winter bags on New York Fashion Week, you may be impressed by the famous brand's design, which is so amazing and unique. at this moment, you may believe one sight! actually, in most case, the color and material become the main attractive point. what's more, the details of the bags is indispensable element.
share some amazing bags show

anyway, the price of these super brand bags is not affordable for everyone. so i will show you guys some Cost-effective bags on our site 

passion for fashion time is coming, so are you going to equip yourself with vogue? take a break and have a review on our products. 

here are just examples to stimulate your inspiration and creation. so image which design do you want? hope you can get back to our site and find whatever you like, bags, clothes, shoes, etc...

March 7, 2013

Be Fashion Icon

Four International Famous Fashion Weeks are near to end. Have you pay close attention to it? I know many fashion fans are really crazy about it. What is your favorite brand? and what we could learn from it as ordinary people?

So I have selected many fashion from the Fashion Week, which many people can learn from it.

                                    MAX MARA

I believe many OL ladies are fascinating with it. There is no strange color. Black, camel and grey is perfect for everyone. Or if you want look younger, yellow is also a good choice.

                             Salvatore Ferragamo

Nice cut and perfect block, chic one piece dress that everyone should have one. And it's both good for you in office as well as at party.


Prada this time shows a raw-fashion and old-fashion. High waist is must have for short girls.

Find your own fashion in our shop now, and be a It girl.

I. Super star pumps in apricot, price $ the link and check,
II. One shoulder sexy dress in red. price $11.25

III. Kvoll designer handbag, price $25.00.
IV. Round toe popular pumps, price $16.50