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April 23, 2013

Details make a great difference

Hello, do you mind details when coming up to a ideal effect. Definitely you do. so today we may talk about accessories for fashion and dressing up, which is a short cut for you to be more charming and eye-catching. Except for clothes and shoes, what about your accessories? it may like Icing on the cake. so focus on it and follow me!
you know, there are various designs for earrings, but they just made by several materials. for instance, plastic, pearl, Gem,Metal and so on. we will introduce several classical samples for you to refer by different materials.
first is made by Metal, this kind is a symbol for elegance and grandeur. 

next is followed by combination for metal and gem or plastic material. usually, this will show people a kind of vintage style. right?

so which one do you like?if not, then comes the following...
this one is more shining and attractive than the previous one

last but not least, here comes normal one, that is pearl material, which is loved by some lovely girls.

April 19, 2013

Little Black Dress---Must have in closet

Little black dress, never out fashion, it's the must have item in your closet. Maybe in classic style, or casual, or preppy.

With different makeup, it shows different styles. With other elements insert, like lace, see-through, color block, little black dress looks more flexible.

Find your little black dress on 2013 Spring/Summer.

I. Korean sexy back black dress with pearl

II. Sweetheart neckline prom dress

III. V neck sequin long dress

IV. Sleeveless color contrast dress

April 10, 2013

Getting close to relaxed summer

some of you may feel that summer is coming soon, which is a colorful season for women to pick their clothes and shoes. but don't forget to possess a suitable beach swimwear in such a hot summer. It will be much cool and comfortable to stay at a place surrounded by beauties, beaches, sands and soft drinks. Do you want to experience a different summer by wearing some amazing swimwears to stand out your figure? Don't be shy, girls. Just select what you like.

Do you want to be a hot beach girl, just take a short review my suggestion. Several designs enjoy great popularity recently. So if you want to take more glances, you can enter into our homepage to choose more wonderful items.

mostly Chinese are fond of this kind, which is universal

This style is so popular on our top sellers,
 Modern V Neck Elasticized Waist Pink Spandex Beach Dress

this simple design simplifies more sexy and mature, so you deserve it.

From what has been discussed above, we may think over that what will be the most suitable for you and then choose the right ones. 
more new arrivals, please check here

April 7, 2013

New Fashion, Glass Slipper for Women

In the fairy tale, the glass slipper changed the life of Cinderella, who marry to the Prince finally. It's a sign of fortune and luck. Nowadays, with glass slippers on, you are not Cinderella to expecting Prince. It shows the attitude.

On the show, different kinds of glass slipper, made with PVC, acrylic, organic glass, etc, break the rules. Attached with patent color, color block, metal details, womens will be more confident in this Spring and Summer.

Traditional Mary Jane, symbol of elegance. However, insert with transparent materials is more fashion, especially the ankle strap, which makes the leg seems longer.

Glass slipper could be perfect match with dresses in Spring and summer. also if you wear wedding gowns.

Buy these newest designer glass slipper on now.

I. Double ankle strap pumps in black, price $13. there are also yellow and rose color.

II. Mary Jane color block pumps, price $13.89

III. Classic pumps with bow and rivets, price $15.14

IV. Red sole pumps in solid color, price $16.57