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April 23, 2013

Details make a great difference

Hello, do you mind details when coming up to a ideal effect. Definitely you do. so today we may talk about accessories for fashion and dressing up, which is a short cut for you to be more charming and eye-catching. Except for clothes and shoes, what about your accessories? it may like Icing on the cake. so focus on it and follow me!
you know, there are various designs for earrings, but they just made by several materials. for instance, plastic, pearl, Gem,Metal and so on. we will introduce several classical samples for you to refer by different materials.
first is made by Metal, this kind is a symbol for elegance and grandeur. 

next is followed by combination for metal and gem or plastic material. usually, this will show people a kind of vintage style. right?

so which one do you like?if not, then comes the following...
this one is more shining and attractive than the previous one

last but not least, here comes normal one, that is pearl material, which is loved by some lovely girls.

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