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March 22, 2013

Get Print On in Spring

Spring is a big season for blossom and flourishing. Do you want to go outside and have a walk? Put on your colorful outfit and fly in this spring.

There are kinds of print, like stripe, floral print, animal print, dot print, etc. Different king of print shows different style and fashion.

Learn from the street snap, maybe we will know what kind of print we shall buy, and how to dress up.

Print pants, beautiful, right? but only for skinny people. so maybe I shall consider losing weight now?

Black is perfect match for red, skirt is also a must have in spring. Ethnic print top also shows a unique personality.

Cute kitten print top, I love it.

Blue matches yellow, is also beautiful. But they shall not be bright color. Is this kind of stripe print?

Dot print, I previously thought it's for young girls. Below picture, different kinds of print and color are mixed, still looks chic.

So ready to purchase print outfit? come with me and buy from

I. Print skinny leggings. price $5.47. click the link and see

II. Dot print halter neck dress, price $13.44

III. Don't forget your shoes. Flag print on pumps, price $16.29.

IV. Floral print dress for your vacation. price $11.16


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  2. loved the hat, I want one.