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December 12, 2012

Cute Elements of Casual Tee

Hey, i guess everyone has Tee, right? especially in hot summer, we feel so comfortable and cool wearing this kind of clothes. people like them because of its simple design and comfort?
here, i want to share some cute elements of them.
Stripes, Polka Dot, leopard print, bat sleeve are favorable by designers, so hope you can find the most suitable one.

long sleeve cotton stripes tee is a must for people who are fond of casual style, this clothes can be matched for a vest, down cotton coat. So it is suitable for autumn and winter.
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Then, how about this polka dots loose tee with bat sleeve, sweet Korean style clothes. it is indeed a good choice for summer, casual and loose design makes you cool off. anyway, you can choose a light color if you like^.^

Adorable and sexy leopard 2 pieces Tees, will you like?

These 2 items are the same style but with different elements, so which will be your taste?
recently, this style is becoming more and more popular...
 Leopard bat sleeve color block Tee
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However, this t-shirt is really normal in the daily life but lotus sleeve brings sense of cuteness.

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if you like them or have new ideas, please leave comments ❤

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